Britons given Mexico travel warning following volcanic eruption as holiday plans could be disrupted

Mexico is a popular destination, favoured for its incredible food, stunning beaches, glorious weather, rich history and fantastic architecture – among many other things.

But Britons heading there now have been warned that a volcanic eruption could disrupt their plans and even pose a health risk.

GOV.UK recently updated its advice on visiting Mexico. Under ‘Warnings and Insurance’, the Government information website currently reads: “On February 27, ash fall from Popocatépetl caused flight disruption, including cancellations at Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City.

“If you are travelling, you should check your flight status direct with your airline.”


February 28, 2024: Popocatepetl volcano spewing ash into the air


The Government warned: “The Popocatepetl and Colima volcanoes are active and closed to the public.

“There are danger zones around both volcanoes, the size of which can change depending on the current level of activity.

“A 7-mile (12km) exclusion zone is currently in place around Popocatépetl volcano, which is 57 miles (92 km) from Mexico City centre and 39 miles (64km) from Puebla.

“The alert level at Popocatépetl is Level 2 of the Amber tier. Check with your tour or flight operator or follow Benito Juárez international airport on twitter. Information about the alert level and other Government advice can be found at @SGIRPC_CDMX on Twitter.

“On February 27, ash fall from Popocatépetl caused flight disruption, including cancellations at Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City.”

GOV.UK urged Britons to check their flight status directly with their airline.

Holidaymakers were told that “exposure to falling ash and toxic fumes from active volcanoes can affect your health, especially if you suffer from a respiratory condition”.

For more information and updates, Britons can consult the Mexican Disaster Prevention Centre website.

Just days ago, US citizens were warned about travelling to Mexico during Spring Break, a vacation that takes place in early springtime. Many take the opportunity to travel, and Mexico is a popular pick.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is a popular holiday destination among Britons, famed for its picturesque settings


The US Embassy & Consulates in Mexico said: “While the vast majority travel safely, visitors should consider the following when planning their vacation or traveling in Mexico: crime, drugs, unregulated alcohol, pharmaceuticals, sexual assault, drowning, medical emergencies, guns and ammunition, arrests and immigration.

Visitors were given guidance on each of these factors, plus actions to take to stay safe. Some tips included read the Mexico Travel Advisory and Country Information Page for details on travel in Mexico, including entry requirements.

Mexico isn’t the only country Britons have been warned about visiting in recent weeks.

Holidaymakers have been urged to stay “vigilant” in Belgium amidst “violent crime”.

Britons in Spain have been told that booking the wrong transport could land them with a £500 fine.

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