Iceland The Center Of The Earth

Iceland, this island, near the Arctic Circle, is home to unique landscapes in the world and is born of multiple volcanic eruptions that emerged from the ocean.

But for us during these trips, Iceland is mostly meetings with people who are welcoming and proud of their country. A people with a lot of humor and perspective on their company both high-tech and rooted in its traditions.

A trip to Iceland leaves no one indifferent. From south to north, from east to west, this country is full of cultural, human, and natural treasures.

A rich and powerful land for fans of open spaces, and wildlife, but also moments of meeting and sharing with another world.

Iceland is not located anywhere on Earth, but between two plates that deviate at an incredible speed of two centimeters a year. This is called continental drift.

The line of contact between the North American plate and the Eurasian plate forms a gigantic fracture of the Earth’s crust (rift) connecting the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica. The magma rises from the depths before melting near the surface.

Black Sand beaches of Vik

Whether on the black sand beaches of Vik, on the glacier tongues of Vatnajökull, in the rhyolitic massif of Landmannalaugar, on the coasts of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, aboard an old fishing boat off Husavik, on the volcanoes of the Myvatn region, or on the banks of the Jokulsarlon lagoon, this trip will make you feel the power of Icelandic nature!

Glacier Tongues of Vatnajökull

There is no question of a circuit where you will see all of Iceland in 8 days: it would be pure madness! How can you imagine driving 6 or 7 hours a day in a country where there is only air, volcanoes, gigantic waterfalls, and nature? Unthinkable.

We prefer to make the best choices by focusing on the (large) part of the Southwest that will address major sites, with the idea of a single desire: that of making you succumb.

You will discover the city of Reykjavik, which looks like a nice provincial town, with its colourful houses, its port, its national museum, which houses more than half of the population, but also hot springs, falls dizzying, national parks, wild islands, glaciers, volcanoes. You will end this journey with an unforgettable bath in the waters of the blue lagoon, 38 °, in the heart of a unique and preserved nature. Heaven on earth, a paradise that thinks of us and you.

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