The cheapest place for expats to live is a 'sun-drenched' country with 'dramatic landscapes'

The cost of living is a big consideration for British expats when they are deciding where to move to.

Spain is one of the most popular places for expats due to its warm weather and beautiful beaches, and it is also has the lowest cost of living, according to new research.

Factors such as the cost of grocery essentials, health products, furniture, subscription services, travel, and leisure were considered.

The Cost of Living Overseas Index 2024 found Spain was the cheapest place to live with an average “cost of goods” coming in at £1,295. This is compared to £1,996 in the UK.

Spain is popular with holidaymakers and expats

Cheapest countries to live in

1. Spain

2. Italy

3. Portugal

4. Greece

5. Germany

6. Ireland

7. Canada

8. Cyprus

9. USA

10. France

Speaking on the findings, chief editor at Property Guides Christopher Nye said: “It seems harder and harder to make ends meet in the UK, and so more and more Britons are considering moving abroad for a more affordable, warmer and more exciting lifestyle.

“But if you’re moving abroad to save money, be careful. Because not everywhere is cheaper than the UK.

“To help people see whether they could realistically be enjoying a better standard of living abroad, The Cost of Living Overseas Index 2024 has the answers for 12 of the most popular countries for British people (and other nationals) to move to.

“But living abroad isn’t just about the price of potatoes. That’s why The Cost of Living Overseas Index covers a range of typical household expenses, from grocery essentials to health products, furniture to subscription services, travel and leisure. We’ve broken down the costs of actually living abroad – not just travelling for a holiday.”

Spain is one of the cheapest places to live

Spain is a beautiful part of Europe that many British holidaymakers love to go to, and it is no surprise why.

Tripadvisor states: “From sun-drenched archipelagos and bustling urban cities to snowcapped mountains and semi-arid deserts, Spain epitomises geographical diversity.

“As the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, this vast country offers some of Europe’s most dramatic landscapes, as well as some of its tastiest cuisine.”

Those looking to go to Spain can take advantage of a new Ryanair route flying from the UK to Tenerife.

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