Little-known rule on Spanish beaches could see British tourists fined up to £1,000

UK holidaymakers have been confronted with a flurry of new immigration rules at Spanish borders in recent years, but other regulations may not be as widely advertised.

Benidorm Seriously, a travel advice service for tourists has warned visitors about a rule that bans them from swimming in the sea at certain hours.

Anyone who enters a beach between the hours of midnight and 7am can incur a fine between €750 (£641) and €1,200 (£1,026), the site warns.

The Health Plan Spain explains that these restrictions were implemented in the local community for safety reasons and to allow beach cleaning.

Spanish tourists

Tourists visiting Benidorm should enquire about local rules before visiting


Clear signs have been erected in the area to inform visitors of the rules, which include not safeguarding a spot on the beach by putting down parasols and towels.

Trying to reserve an area for later by putting down possessions can result in a fine of €150 (£128).

Additional rules include playing ball games outside designated areas.

Swimming in the sea when a red warning flag is up can see rule-breakers fined a staggering €1,000 (£855).

Many new rules have come into effect for tourists since the UK withdrew from the European Union.

One regulation requires Britons to arrive with the correct permits and visas for visits of a specified duration.

Arriving in the country without the correct documentation could see tourists fined up to £8,000, a rule many visitors are unaware of.

Travel Insurance Explained said: “Since the UK left the European Union, the rules for travelling abroad have changed and British who are not aware of the new entry rules for Spain could face a hefty fine.

cash in hand

Tourists could be fined more than 1,000 euros for ignoring the rules


“Regardless of whether you’re staying in a hotel, hostel, Airbnb or a relative/friend’s house, if your trip is 90 days or less you will need to produce evidence of your pre-booked accommodation at border control once you reach Spain.”

To avoid complications, visitors are advised to arrive with a booking confirmation from a hotel, hostel or Airbnb.

They must also show proof of address if they are visiting their property in Spain.

Alternatively, they will be required to show proof of an invitation or address if they are staying with family, friends, or a third party.

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