Tourists in Spain will now have to pay a fee to visit popular attraction and the decision is facing major backlash

Spain is an incredibly popular destination among British tourists and Seville is a city on many travellers’ bucket lists.

One of the most popular spots in idyllic Seville is the Plaza de España, which Seville City Guide named “the most famous square in Seville”. However, a new tourist fee for the attraction is facing backlash.

Mayor of Seville José Luis Sanz Ruiz shared that tourists will now be charged a fee to visit the attraction.

He explained that Sevillians will not be affected by the change as they will not incur a fee.

Plaza de España is ‘the most famous square in Seville’

The Mayor told X: “Nothing is going to be closed or privatized: we are only going to charge tourists a fee, as is done in most cities in the world.

“Sevillians in the city and province will continue with free access.

“With the City Council’s budget alone we cannot preserve our heritage, nor guarantee the safety of the monument.”

The Spanish politician came under fire from those who did not believe the fee would be necessary.

One X user commented: “Mr Sanz, we Sevillians do not have to wait in line to enter one of our cultural heritage.

“To raise funds derived from tourism there is the tourist tax. Thus, the regularization of the tourism model is urgent.”

Another said: “We Sevillians are not going to form a line of tourists (como at the Alcázar) to pass through a square that is part of our daily lives, we are de facto expelled. No one in Rome would think of closing the Trevi Fountain Square. To combat vandalism, police.”

A third asked: “Where is the concept of a public square? Does having to queue for access give free access to the Sevillian? Doesn’t our time cost money? Can’t increasing taxes and fees on tourism in hotels and vacation homes be used to increase security and surveillance?”

Another said the fee would deter them from visiting the scenic square – which was featured in the epic franchise Star Wars.

The X user said: “In most countries in the world, public squares are just that, public. I really want to go to Seville but if I have to pay to see a square I’ll see it in Star Wars.”

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