World Series Game 4 Highlights

BOT 10TH: Giants Win World Series Game 4 Global Series

According to the Tigers, Infante broke a bone in his left hand, but it wasn’t displaced, so no surgery is needed. On breaking pitches, Romo strikes out Jackson and pinch hitter Don Kelly. It is now up to Cabrera, the Triple Crown winner, to keep Detroit’s season going. Cabrera fishes for a breaking ball away on 1-1 but misses 1-2. fouls off the next pitch after taking one, 2-2. After that, Romo freezes him with a fastball for strike three, getting the side out, and the celebration in the middle of the infield starts with hats being thrown.

The Giants won their second world title in three years, defeating the opposition 4-3 in 10 innings.

TOP 10TH — Giants lead 4-3 after Scutaro drives in a run.

In the top of the tenth inning, Marco Scutaro singled in Ryan Theriot to give the Giants the lead.

After Affeldt strikes out Dirks for the fourth time in a row, Pagan nearly goes around the outfield before tying down Peralta’s long fly on the warning track. Was it manipulated by the wind? To take on the right-handed hitting Infante, manager Bruce Bochy inserted Santiago Casilla. Affeldt finishes with a one and two-thirds inning, no hits, and four strikeouts, resembling Tim Lincecum.


Blanco, Belt, and Pence are all struck out by a fired-up Coke who is pumping mid-90s fastballs, with the latter hitting a slider that a startled Blanco saw float in at the knees. In this World Series, Coke has faced nine batters and struck out each one. Who’s Jose? With Dirks, Peralta, and Infante set to face off for Detroit in the bottom of the ninth, the score is still 3-3.

BOT 8TH: Still tied heading to the 9th

In the eighth, if I’m Cabrera and there’s a man on first, I’m looking for a way to lift into that howling wind to the right. Naturally, Affeldt manipulates Cabrera inside by varying his pace and hitting him with a change. Affeldt delivers a hard-breaking curve that buckles Fielder’s knees before striking him out. Young also fails, misfiring on a curve. Fantastic game, eh? The ninth is up next.

8th place — 10:55 p.m. Remaining Joined

In the top of the eighth, Dotel is still in for the Tigers. Following a leadoff walk, Fielder, the first baseman, does Dotel a favour by inducing a 3-6-1 double play with Sandoval’s ground ball, culminating with Dotel tagging Marco Scutaro. 3-3 is still a tie.

In the bottom of the eighth, Cain gave way to Jeremy Affeldt, ending his hopes of becoming the first pitcher since Andy Pettitte in 2009 to win three game-winning victories in a postseason. Instead, he is given a no-decision.

10:45 PM. The Chickens Are Secure

When he wants to be funny, Young can be a funny guy. When reporters questioned him after Game 3 about what the Tigers could do to try to win World Series Game 4, he responded, “You talking about sacrificing a chicken or something? Nope. That is not what we are going to do.

Scherzer, TOP 7TH — Out of the Game

In the seventh, Ryan Theriot of San Francisco grounds out on a hit-and-run, with Gregor Blanco taking second. After 90 pitches, Max Scherzer is done, and Jim Leyland uses the bullpen to go batter by batter. Brandon Crawford is retired on a fly ball by lefty Drew Smyly. And in a game between two former Mets, right-hander Octavio Dotel drew a ground ball from Angel Pagan to end the inning.

BOT 6TH — 10:14 PM; Young Homers for the Tigers; 3-3 Tied Game

Potential MVP candidates for the World Series? Pablo Sandoval leads the clubhouse in hitting, going 8 for 13 (.615) with three home runs in Game 1. However, Tim Lincecum merits attention after two scoreless relief appearances totaling four and a third innings. Someone who struck out eight of the sixteen batters he faced is difficult to ignore.

TOP 6TH: Posey Homers lead the Giants 3-2 at 9:59 p.m.

Buster Posey had hit in each of his seven career World Series games until last night when he went 0 for 4. He’s now got a hit in eight of his nine games after his two-run home run to left in the sixth. With the Giants leading 3-2, Comerica becomes silent as the bottom of the sixth inning approaches.

BOT 5TH — 9:55 P.M.: Tigers Miss a Chance

When Laird tries to sacrifice in the fifth, he violates a fundamental guideline: hold the bat at the top of the strike zone and don’t offer any pitch higher because you’ll probably pop it up anyhow and it’s not a strike. 

Rather, Laird pokes a line drive, which Belt leaps to intercept. The runner, Omar Infante, never advances, and Berry is out for the final out after shortstop Brandon Crawford executes a brilliant charging barehand play that caromed off Cain.

5th place, 9:43 p.m.Scherzer Is Still Powerful

In the top of the fifth, with a light rain falling at Comerica, Scherzer retired the Giants in order to preserve the 2-1 lead, recording his sixth strikeout in the process.

4TH MID — 9:37 P.M.The Verlander Adorable on Camera

When I watch Justin Verlander conversing with Joe and Tim from the dugout in the fourth, it makes me think of this: If the Tigers don’t make the playoffs the following year, don’t be shocked to see Verlander as a guest commentator on Fox or ESPN. 

For him, the postseason has been one big audition. He will start Game 5 if the Tigers are able to maintain or build on their 2-1 lead. He will now return to cheering for himself.

Following that, Cabrera hits a changeup for his first extra-base hit of the series, a home run to right field. The Tigers’ 2-1 lead is their first since they defeated the Yankees in World Series Game 4 of the A.L.C.S.

Third Place — 9:07 PM. Scherzer Retains Command

He does; Scherzer gives Brandon Crawford five pitches, including two changeups, and he beats an infield hit to short.

2nd BOT — 8:53 p.m.Tigers Missed Their Chance

Delmon Young’s leadoff single in the second is wasted by the Tigers. It appears as though the Giants are sitting Scherzer with a fastball early in the count; let’s see if he changes course in the top of the third.

2nd place: 8:51 PM Giants Take the lead, 1-0

This year, Scherzer led the American League in strikeouts per nine innings with an average of 11.1. He strikes out Buster Posey looking to start the second, his third in four batters. However, after Brandon Belt hits a run-scoring triple to right after Hunter Pence doubles to left centre, the Tigers find themselves behind 1-0 once more. This is really bad news for the home team, as the Giants are 9-1 in the postseason when they score first.

In an attempt to cut down on the second run, Detroit manager Jim Leyland plays Gregor Blanco in the infield, and he gets away with it for the second straight night as Blanco grounds a single to second baseman Omar Infante. The Tigers exit with a slim 1-0 deficit.

First-half score 8:36 p.m. Detroit’s big bats remain silent

Prince Fielder is struck out by Matt Cain, but Miguel Cabrera walks after Berry grounds out. Fielder and Cabrera, Detroit’s bookend bombers, are 3 for 20 in the series.

FIRST PAGE — 8:23 World Series Game 4 is Now Underway

Max Scherzer retired the side in order, flogging Angel Pagan and Pablo Sandoval. He was second in the A.L. in strikeouts to Justin Verlander. We’ll see what the Tigers can accomplish because the crowd is enthralled.

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