'Thumbs down': Expats issue warning to retired foreigners hoping to live in Spain's Andalucia year-round

If you’re considering moving abroad, there’s a big chance you’re eyeing up warmer destinations like Spain.

The popular destination has a wide range of regions to suit all tastes, whether you’re seeking a warmer climate or a slower tempo of life.

Spain beckons hundreds of thousands of Britons expats with its Mediterranean climate every year, and many describe it as an idyllic environment for retirement.

In a recent YouTube clip, however, a pair of expatriates warned residents against certain regions as the country struggles with record temperatures.

Amelia and JP, who dedicated their YouTube channel to the pros and cons of living in Spain, described the scorching temperatures as a potential deterrent for retirees.

Their clip touched on several factors likely to affect expats, including weather, safety, and overall quality of life.

The pair spoke exclusively of the famous Andalucian region, which stretches across the southernmost stretch of the country.

“If you want to sweat like Clint Eastwood then you’re gonna wanna be there in the summer, because it gets really hot here,” explained Amelia. “Too hot for a lot of people like me. It hit 111 degrees Fahrenheit last July in Malaga.”

Elsewhere in the video, the pair raise concerns about the country’s recurring natural disasters, which include severe droughts and earthquakes.

“Let’s talk about natural disasters,” the pair explained. “They’ve been experiencing a years-long drought and some of those rivers are dry.

“We’re going to give this factor a thumbs down for Spain if you want to live there year-round because it just gets so hot in the summer.

“It is a great place to live from October to April, so you can just avoid the summer months. You can go to Northern Spain.”

What do expats need to know before moving to Spain?

Since withdrawing from the EU, UK residents have been subjected to new regulations affecting various aspects of the tourism industry.

Holidaymakers, for example, have been confronted with new immigration rules at Spanish borders in recent years, some of which aren’t widely advertised.


Spain is popular with British expats

Holidaymakers have been confronted with new immigration rules at Spanish borders, some of which aren’t widely advertised.

Thousands of UK Citizens can continue to live in Spain since Brexit, as agreed upon in the European Union Withdrawal Act.

Before withdrawing from the EU, Britons could travel, live and holiday anywhere in the EU without special permits and visas.

Though travellers don’t need a visa for short visits to the European hotspot, British passport holders must now show proof of address, or risk facing a fine of £8,000.

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