British Airways pilot banned from flying after being accused of covering up huge medical issue

A British Airways captain has been grounded following allegations of a medical condition.

The captain, who has not been named, has allegedly covered up a history of sudden bouts of anger. It is alleged that this would cause him to lash out without warning.

A whistleblower said the captain’s medical history of impulsive anger management failures had been removed from his record.

They contacted the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), who organises and regulates civilian flying in the UK.

A whistle-blower has told the BA captain has been stood down

A report was first given to the CAA which was obliged to inform BA about the allegations who barred the captain from flying while he is investigated.

The CAA issues licenses to fly to pilots provided they do not suffer from any physical or mental condition or illness that might impair their ability to fly.

Mail Online reports that the captain has been suspended.

The CAA said that they will not be commenting on the case at this current moment.


It has been reported that the pilot has been grounded

A source told The Sun: “The idea of a ­captain in charge of passengers at 30,000ft suddenly lashing out in fits of rage is a big no, no.

“If anger management problems were part of his medical history, there is no chance he’d be allowed to fly.

“Falsifying medical records is an incredibly serious accusation and would fall into the criminal realm of fraudulently acquiring a job.

“Bosses had no choice but to ground the pilot while a probe was ongoing.”

GB News has approached BA for a comment.

However, The Sun reports the airline has confirmed that the pilot has been grounded.

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