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What to do if the Cabinet Hinges of the Door are Broken? 

We all use the cabinet hardware at home on a frequent basis. So there may be a chance of a few things as aggravating or loose cabinet doors and cup handles. All hardware is essential for functional and decoration purposes. Due to these features of cabinet hinges, it is important to repair them as soon as possible. You may believe that while doing repair you need a lot of carpentry or mechanical experience. But don’t worry, we’re here to answer all of your concerns. You will also get to know some typical hinge problems so your cabinets are back up and running as soon as possible.

Things to do if the Cabinet Hinges are Broken

1 It’s possible that the hinge screws are loose

There may be a possibility of wear and tear issues on your cabinets due to long-term usage. This is because you open and close them frequently. This will result in screws may loosen with time, and cause your cabinet door to appear loose.

2 The hinges can’t handle the weight of the door

Hinges are really important to support and hold up your cabinet doors. Furthermore, their attributes make them easy to open and close the door on a daily basis. No doubt, if your cabinet door lacks sufficient hinge support, it may begin to sag.

3. Screw holes have been stripped

In another case, a screw hole is too wide for the accompanying screw. You can know this in another term as stripped. Due to this, the cabinet door may appear to be loose.

4. Screw should be tightened

In order to tighten up each hinge, you need to use a screwdriver. Using this tool you can open and close the cabinet door as needed while you make changes. Make sure, to tighten and adjust the screws until the door opens and closes smoothly. In case you see the metal shavings behind your cabinet doors, you need to replace the hinges.

5. If the door is excessively heavy, add more hinges

While selecting the door for your home, you should pick up a new set of hinges at your home improvement store. In addition to this, the cabinet door should be removed from the unit and put on a flat surface. After that install the new hinges along the side of the cabinet door to provide additional stability. Then, reattach the door to the cabinet and tighten all of the screws. This will help to keep it in the proper location once all of the hinges are in place. 

It is crucial that before you go to the store, you need to understand all the aspects of your current hinges. This will help you to find a matching hinge much easier. Even more, a template showing you where each hinge should go is frequently included within the new hinges. So refer to the template and mark the cabinet where the new hinges will go before reinstalling the door.

6. Toothpicks can be used to fill in any stripped screw holes

After completing the last step you need to remove the cabinet hinges from the physical cabinet. But it is important to keep them on the cabinet door. Now, remove the cupboard door and get the box of toothpicks. You need to dip the ends of toothpicks in wood glue in order to insert them into the screw hole. You can also break off the ends of the toothpicks once the aperture is entirely filled. 

This is because the screw hole is level and flush with the rest of the cabinet door. Now, re-screw the cabinet hinges into the repaired screw holes whenever the glue has dried fully. Using the toothpicks serves as an additional layer of wood. So that the screw threads will become deeply embedded in the glued toothpicks. This can restore the cabinet hinges for the best stability.

7. Remove the cabinet door and patch the blemished area.

In this step, you need to remove the door and hinges fully using a screwdriver tool. To remove the door you need to get a jar of wood filler. In addition, you can also use a putty knife, and distribute the filler all over the damaged area. After doing this, wait for the wood filler to cure completely before you proceed further. Then, check the box to know how long it will take to dry or cure.

8. Over the repaired area of the cabinet, sand, and paint

In this section, you should buff the dried filler to a smooth to match the rest of the cabinet. This will help to make the filler blend in and paint over it properly. Allow the paint to dry as per requirement before the next process. You can take help with a photograph of your cabinet by bringing it to your local hardware for reference.

9. Replace the hinges on your cabinet door

If the cabinet hinge has ripped off, you should replace all of your hinges rather than work with the old ones. Remove the old hinges that are not able to be repaired so that you can replace them with new ones. You need to reattach the door to the cabinet after that. When reinstalling the doors and hinges, use a cabinet jig to make it easier to line them up.

10. The far-left hinge screw should be turned clockwise

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As time passes, your hinge is definitely a touch too slack if it is not shutting completely. Now, locate the piece of the hinge that is attached to your cabinet. You may see, that there are two screws in a horizontal line adjacent to each other. Now, simply take a screwdriver and then move the leftmost screw clockwise in order to repair the hinge. So, your cabinet door should close completely with a little alignment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s already done, and the bathroom cabinet’s shattered hinges have been effectively restored as per requirement. Furthermore, after installing the new hinges, and cup handles you can easily open the door again. Now, the doors will now close quietly as well. It’s perfect! We wish you the best of luck as well!

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